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Premium Recovery

This service is with a Body Technician
This 1-hour treatment is designed to help reduce muscle soreness and increase range of motion. The service is not intended to treat specific injuries, however, it can be effectively utilized to optimize recovery. This in turn allows clients to train at a higher intensity while mitigating the chances of sustaining an injury.
Included in this treatment
  • 50-minutes of Body Work including:
  • Electric Stimulation, Cupping, Scraping, Sports Massage, MRT, Percussion Therapy, PNF Stretching
  • 10-minutes of Normatec Compression or Cervical Traction


Sports Chiropractic

This service is with a Chiropractor

Our Chiropractic protocols specialize in the diagnoses and treatment of sports/athletic performance-related injuries. Our evidence-based approach is also designed to help ameliorate everyday injuries involving the muscle and skeletal systems. We develop customized treatment protocols to help facilitate injury prevention and rehabilitation.
Included in this treatment
  • History & injury assessment 
  • Customized treatment plan
  • Body Work including: Electric stimulation, cupping, scraping, sports Massage, MRT, percussion therapy, PNF stretching
  • 10-15 minutes of Normatec Compression or Cervical Traction



Accelerated Healing

PEMF treatments are known to accelerate the healing of any injuries including wounds, joint pain and tissues swelling.

Improved Pain Relief

Electrons+ treatment can reduce, if not eliminate joint discomfort. Your nervous system will be placed in a parasympathetic state or a rest and recovery state, which is essential for healing.

Proven Results

The beneficial effects of Guided PEMF are often experienced after only 1-3 treatments. Some patients report immediate pain relief, improved range of motion, nervous system relaxation, and general sense of well being after first treatment. 

Membership Policies

Functionality You Will Love


Membership Details

Billing: Monthly automated billing Commitment: 2-month minimum Credit Accumulation: Credits roll over and accumulate as long as you are an active member. Credit Sharing: Active members can share a credit with a friend for a fee of $15


Session Flexibility

Your membership credits are good for a Premium Recovery session with a Body Technician. If you prefer to see a Chiropractor, you can apply the cash value of 1 membership credit; any price difference will be charged to the card on file.


Freezing Membership

Initiation by written request before the 1st of the freeze month. Duration: 1 to 3 months per calendar year. Credits CANNNOT be used during the freeze. If a member wishes to avail services during the freeze, they must pay the full price for treatments (separate than credits).


Supplementing Credits

In the event that your credits are depleted, you have the option to acquire additional credits at the equivalent price per credit as your membership tier. For example, if you hold a Copper membership, you can obtain an extra credit for $90, maintaining the same cost structure as your standard membership credit.


Starting your Membership mid-month

If you initiate your membership after the 15th of the month, a prorated billing option is available. This allows you to adjust your first month's membership fee by prorating one credit, equivalent to the pricing of your chosen membership option. Commitment period begins from the start of the second full month.


Canceling a Membership

Initiated by written notice before the 1st of the cancellation month. Credits Usage Deadline: Members have until the end of their billing cycle to utilize their membership credits. Any unused credits at the end of the billing cycle will be converted into cash value. The cash value will be placed back onto the member's account and can be applied to any full-price service. Cash Value Redemption: The converted cash value can be applied to any full-price service after the billing cycle ends. Note: cash value cannot be reapplied for memberships


Upgrading/Downgrading Membership and Credit Value

Your existing credits keep their current cash value. New credits, starting at the first of the month, will have a different cash value based on your upgraded or downgraded membership.

Cancellation Policy

At Procovry, we value your time and commitment. To ensure fair and efficient scheduling, we've established the following policies:


Non-members: Full price of the treatment will be charged.


Members: One credit will be deducted for Premium Recovery treatments. Full price will be charged for Chiropractic.

Canceling within 1-hour of treatment is considered a no-show.

Late Cancel (Within 24 Hours):

50% charge of the full price of the treatment will be charged to your card on file OR option to pull a credit for members.

These policies aim to respect both our practitioners' time and your fellow members' opportunities. Your understanding and adherence to these guidelines contribute to a smooth and beneficial experience for everyone at Procovry.

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