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Premium Recovery

1-hour Treatment


Sports Chiropractic

40 min treatment        $100

75 min treatment        $200

105 min treatment      $300


Copper Membership

2 Premium Recovery


Geometrical Shapes

Silver Membership

4 Premium Recovery


Green Texture

Couples' Membership

6 Premium Recovery


3D Close Up

Family Membership

10 Premium Recovery


Cancelation Policy

Cancellations within 12 hrs of appointment 
Please note that canceled or rescheduled appointments within 12 hours are subject to a 50% charge of the full treatment price. 

No Show (OR cancellation within 1 hour of appointment) 

If you are a member, one credit will be redeemed. If you are not a member, the full price of the treatment will be charged to your card on file.


Canceling your membership

We are sad to see you go! After you terminate your membership, your credits will be converted to cash value which can be applied to any treatment at retail cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be charged? On the first of every month.

Is there a minimum monthly commitment? Yes, 2 months.

Is there an initiation fee? No.

What should I wear? We recommend you wear shorts and a tank top so the Technicians can reach the area you want treatment on.

What if I have extra credits at the end of my month? They will roll over into the next month.

What is the membership cancellation policy? You can cancel at any time after two months of being a member. 

What happens if I have extra credits when I cancel? Your credits will be converted to cash value on your account. This may be applied to full-price treatment.

How long do I have to use my credits after I cancel? Your credits will be changed to cash value and applied to your account. 

Can I freeze my membership?  Yes, for $10 a month you can freeze your membership, which guarantees the same pricing when you reinstate it. 

Can I use my credits while my account is frozen? If you want to use one of your credits while your account Is frozen, we will pull a credit + $15 charge.

Can I share my credits with a friend? To share a credit there is a $15 transfer fee.

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